Miscellaneous “helper” functions (thunor.helpers)

thunor.helpers.format_dose(num, sig_digits=12, array_as_string=None)

Format a numeric dose like 1.2e-9 into 1.2 nM

  • num (float or np.ndarray) – Dose value, or array of such
  • sig_digits (int) – Number of significant digits to include
  • array_as_string (str, optional) – Combine array into a single string using the supplied join string. If not supplied, a list of strings is returned.

Formatted dose values

Return type:

str or list of str


Extract data from a plotly figure into a pandas DataFrame

Parameters:plot_fig (plotly.graph_objs.Figure) – A plotly figure object
Returns:A pandas DataFrame containing the extracted traces from the figure
Return type:pd.DataFrame