Viability calculations and statistics (thunor.viability)

thunor.viability.viability(df_data, time_hrs=72, assay_name=None, include_controls=True)

Calculate viability at the specified time point

Viability is calculated as the assay value over the mean of controls from the same plate, cell line, and time point

  • df_data (HtsPandas) – HTS dataset

  • time_hrs (float) – Time in hours to use for viability. The closest time point in each well to the one specified is used.

  • assay_name (str, optional) – The assay name to use for viability calculation, or None to use the default proliferation assay

  • include_controls (bool) – Return the control values for reference as a the second entry in a two-tuple, if True


A DataFrame containing the viability results and a Series containing the control values, if requested (None is returned as the second return value otherwise)

Return type:

pd.DataFrame, pd.Series or None